Instructional videos aid online banking users

Bay Federal Credit Union rolled out a new online banking solution for their entire membership base in the Fall of 2015. Due to the significant differences from their old online banking system, they needed to create a large number of… Continue Reading →

Black and White Conversion: Sandstone Outcrop

This started out as a color slide. It can be seen in it’s original color on my photo gallery page. I decided to convert it to black and white to see what it would look like. Black and white conversion is… Continue Reading →

Quick Turn on Vector Art Conversion Allows Finished Product Presentation at Tradeshow

H2Optx, Inc needed some outline art created and prepped for vinyl cutting in short order for presentation of their latest medical industry measurement and testing products at the Annual IFPAC Conference in Arlington, VA. I was provided the original product logotypes in… Continue Reading →

Illustration Technique: The 3D Look

The “3D Look” is just about any style that evokes a sense of depth and perspective – a feeling of being next to an object, or being able to reach out and touch it. The purpose of an illustration is to… Continue Reading →

Hand-Made U.S.S. Enterprise Spaceship Comes Together in an 8-foot Tool Shed

My friend Ron made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Ron is a woodworker-cabinet maker. His wife is a die-hard Star Trek fan. He wanted to give her something extra special and unique for her birthday. As it happens, I am a fan as well…. Continue Reading →

Birdhouse Camera Captures Nature in Action

Living in the hills means we get a lot of wildlife activity. In 2012, I set up a small bird house (nest box) and installed a miniature IR video camera. Not long afterwards, a family of Oak Titmice (perching birds)… Continue Reading →

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