Hand-Made U.S.S. Enterprise Spaceship Comes Together in an 8-foot Tool Shed

My friend Ron made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Ron’s wife is a die-hard Star Trek fan. He wanted to give her something extra special and unique for her birthday. As it happens, I am a fan as well. He asked me if I… Continue Reading →

Simple Guidelines for Successful Websites

This information is not specific to any particular web publishing platform, nor is it intended to be very technical. These are general concepts that are useful for planning the design, content and purpose of any web presence where you are looking to… Continue Reading →

Black and White Conversion: Sandstone Outcrop

This started out as a color slide. It can be seen in it’s original color on my photo gallery page. I decided to convert it to black and white to see what it would look like. Black and white conversion is… Continue Reading →

Birdhouse Camera Captures Nature in Action

Living in the hills means we get a lot of wildlife activity. In 2012, I set up a small bird house (nest box) and installed a miniature IR video camera. Not long afterwards, a family of Oak Titmice (perching birds)… Continue Reading →

Images of Moss Landing Published in Summer Santa Cruz Magazine

Summer Santa Cruz Magazine was published annually in my area as a destination guide for the tourism industry. It profiles local attractions, towns and events interesting to vacationers. In this issue, a short profile of the quaint fishing town, Moss Landing… Continue Reading →

Annual Report Design and Production

Annual Reports come in all shapes and sizes. They represent the financial and operational summary of an entire organization. The style and design of the Bay Federal Credit Union annual reports I choose each year maintains the organization’s brand, while offering… Continue Reading →

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